Storm Water

Russian River Watershed Association

The City of Cotati is a member of the Russian River Watershed Association, which is an association of cities, the Sonoma County Water Agency, and the County of Sonoma for the betterment of water quality in the Russian River Watershed.

High School Water Awareness Video Contest

The Russian River Watershed Association sponsors a video contest for high school students in honor of Water Awareness Month. The focus topic for the 2012 contest is "Rethink Your Drink - Take it from the TAP!" Cash awards are split between the students who create the winning video and the high school they attend. The winning videos are then used as public service announcements and as educational outreach materials.

High School Video Contest Winners for Water Awareness Month

Storm Water Protection Business Assistance Program

The State of California has determined that nonresidential and industrial customers are most likely to discharge water that does not comply with State and Federal Standards and has required the City of Water Conservation Toilet Retrofit for Nonresidential Customers Ordinance (CMC 13.73) and the City Storm Water Ordinance (CMC 13.68) to provide a framework for preserving water quality.

All businesses connected to City utilities have been issued a Sewer and Water Use Permit by the Public Works Department (CMC 13.64). The permit helps the City track how each business uses water and where the water goes.

The City of Cotati along with Santa Rosa Water's Subregional Commercial Pollution Prevention Program and Industrial Pretreatment Program (CMC 13.36) helps protect the health of our local creeks by combining education, public outreach, and permit requirements to reduce the discharge of pollutants in wastewater from many businesses.

The City of Cotati is committed to water conservation. City staff is here to help our residents and businesses conserve water and reduce the discharge of wastewater through a variety of programs, services, tools, tips and rebates. This information can be found at the links below:

The City of Cotati has partnered with Russian River Watershed Association (RRWA) to provide business with information regarding common pollutants and the activities that can potentially release them into the environment. This information can be found at this link: Common Pollutants Guide (

The Public Works Department is available to assist anyone that has questions about the Sewer Use Permit and sewer water protection. You may contact the Public Works Department by calling (707) 665-4238 or emailing us at

Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development (LID), as it relates to storm water, aims to mimic the hydraulic function of the undeveloped site by capturing, treating, and infiltrating storm water as close to the source as possible and using small scale landscape-based features located throughout the project site. Additional Information available.

LID Goals

  • Minimize the adverse impacts from storm water runoff on water quality, the biological integrity of receiving waters, and the beneficial uses of water bodies.
  • Minimize the percentage of impervious surfaces on land development projects and implement mitigation measures to mimic the pre-development water balance through infiltration, evapotranspiration, and capture and reuse of storm water.
  • Minimize pollutant loadings from impervious surfaces such as roof tops, parking lots, and roadways through the use of properly designed, technically appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs), including source control BMPs or good housekeeping practices, LID planning and design strategies, and treatment control BMPs.
  • Proper selection, design and maintenance of treatment control BMPs, and hydromodification control BMPs to address pollutants generated by land development, minimizing post-development surface flows and velocities, assuring long-term functionality of BMPs, and avoiding the breeding of vectors.

Report non-storm water discharges

  • During Business Hours: (707)665-3637
  • After Hours: (707)792-4611