Engineering services are provided by a registered Civil Engineer and support staff employed by the City. Engineering provides pre-development engineering information to builders and developers; develops and maintains standards for public facility installation by developers; reviews and recommends action on proposed subdivisions of land; provides engineering review of developer plans and specifications for public and semi-public improvements including grading, drainage, and streets, as well as inspecting such improvements when installed; and provides engineering design of projects as directed by the City Manager and the City Council. Engineering supervises the maintenance of engineering drawings and files, which are located at the Corporation Yard.

The goal of Engineering is to:

  • Plan check subdivision maps, parcel maps, and improvement drawings.
  • Design city infrastructure when called upon.
  • Conduct feasibility and utility rate studies.
  • Maintain city engineering records.
  • Provide engineering advice for Planning, Building, and Public Works.
  • Provide consultation regarding city engineering for City Manager and City Council.
  • Attend City Council meetings as directed by City Manager.